Sculptor Dan Woodard
Dan in the sculpture studio.

"Your landscape sculptures are both beautiful and mysterious, delicate yet powerful, as is nature itself."
          Nina Lyons, sculptor

"I love your sculptures and also the way you use patinas. You, indeed, have your own power and style."
          Elizabeth Romhild, sculptor

"I hold great admiration for your skill and vision... beautiful, beautiful work!"
          Kathleen Brennan , sculptor

"Woodard's work is incredibly evocative and has an otherworldliness to it, yet feels familiar, like seeing a beautiful mountain for the first time and feeling one with it."
          Mark Hess, artist

"Very strong work. Very powerful...I like the depth in your work."
          Ken Omom, curator, Saatchionline

"I am most impressed with your work."
          Anna Chromy, sculptor

"Your work has such strength and presence!"
          Rachel Kingston, sculptor

"Your figurative work is very powerful."
          Micha von Doring, art consultant

"The figurative work is powerful with each piece defining a different emotion."
          Mark Chatterly, sculptor

©  2015, Dan Woodard


    •   "Heads and Hands"; Solo Show; Rotunda Gallery; Redwood City, CA
    •   "America's Clayfest III"; Blue Line Art Gallery; Roseville, CA
              Jurors:  Tip Toland, internationally recognized sculptor; Peter Held, Curator
    •   "Sculpture in the Garden"; Ruth Bancroft Gardens; Walnut Creek, CA
              Jurors:  Carrie Lederer, Curator; Debra Lehane, Curator
    •   "Slice"; Pence Gallery; Davis, CA
              Juror:  Shelly Willis, Director, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission 
    •   3rd International Showcase Winner,


    •   "Grand Opening Show", Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA
    •   "Landscapes"; Contemporary Art Gallery; Honorable Mention
    •   "Abstraction" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA
             Juror:  Jan Rindfleisch, Curator/Author/Artist
    •   "America's ClayFest II" Blue Line Art Gallery; Roseville, CA
             Juror:  Candace Groot, Sculptor, Director-Virginia A. Groot Foundation
    •   "Wide Open 5" Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition; Brooklyn, NY
             Juror:  Paulina Pobocha, Asst. Curator of Painting and Sculpture, NY MOMA
    •   4th International Showcase Winner,
             Jurors:  Sebastian Campos, Gallerist, The Mission Gallery (Chicago/Huston); Joanna Szupinska, Curator
    •   Coastal Art League, 30th Annual Juried Show; Half Moon Bay, CA  


    •   "Annual Invitational Show" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA
    •   "America's Clayfest" Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville, CA
             Juror:  Richard Shaw, internationally recognized ceramic sculptor
    •   "Spring Exhibition" Skyline Gallery; San Bruno, CA
    •   "Celebrate the Healing Power of Art" Manhattan Arts International; "Award of Excellence"
              Jurors:  Jill Conner, Art Critic/Writer
                             Barbara Markoff, Art Consultant
                             Renee Phillips, Author/Curator
    •   "Visions in Clay" L.H. Horton Gallery; Stockton, CA
              Juror:  Peter Held, Curator of Ceramics, University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ 
    •   "Figures and Faces" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA
          Juror:  Ric Ambrose, Executive Director, Richmond Art Center
    •   "2D-3D" L.H. Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA
              Juror:  Rene de Guzman; Senior Curator, Oakland Museum of California


 •   "Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International Artists" Danijela Kracun, Charles McFadden, editors; Shiffer Publishing, Ltd.
 •    2nd International Showcase Winner;
             Jurors:  Lesley Heller, Director Lesley Heller Gallery, NY, NY
                          Dominick Lombardi, Director of Exhibitions, Mana Contemporary Gallery,   Jersey City, NJ
                          Katarina Sjogren, Co-Director, Crystal Contemporary Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
     •    3rd International Showcase Winner;
             Jurors:  John Leo, Director, Lambert Fine Arts, NY, NY
                          Eileen Braziel, Curator/Art Advisor, Eileen Braziel Art Advisory
                          Sandra Q. Firmin, Curator, University of Buffalo Art Galleries, Buffalo, NY
     •    4th International Showcase Winner;
             Jurors:  Clyde Beswick and Jason Chang, Co-Directors, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
                          Monica Salazar, Co-Founder, Berlin Art Link, Berlin, Germany
                          Sloan Schaffer, Director, 101/exhibit Gallery, Miami, FL


    •   "SVOS Invitational" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA
    •   "Silicon Valley Open Studios" Great American Gallery; Palo Alto, CA 
    •   Featured Artist; 
    •   2011 International Showcase Winner;

             Jurors:  Ana Finel Honigman, Berlin-based critic, writer and curator
                          Jodie Dinapoli, New York curator
                          Sloan Schaffer, director of 101/Exhibit Gallery, Miami, FL
    •   "Spring Exhibition" Skyline Gallery; San Bruno, CA

    •   "Figurative Works" LH Horton Gallery; Stockton, CA 
             Jurors:  Jan Marlese, Gallery Director
                          DeWitt Cheng, SF based Art Critic, writer, and curator
    •   "Scapes: Land, Sea & City" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA 
             Juror:  Maria Medua, Director, SF Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA


    •   "Made in California" Brea Art Gallery; Brea, CA
             Juror:  Grace Kook-Anderson, Curator, Laguna Art Museum
    •    "Silicon Valley Open Studios" Redwood City, CA 
    •   "California Open Exhibition" Long Beach Arts; Long Beach, CA
             Juror: Grace Kook-Anderson, Curator, Laguna Art Museum
    •    "Art Outside the Box" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA 
             Juror:  Susan O'Malley, Curator, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
    •   "Figures and Faces" Pacific Art League; Palo Alto, CA
             Juror:  René Guzman, Senior Curator, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA
    •   "San Francisco Open Studios" San Francisco, CA

Represented by Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Featured Sculptor in "Contemporary Sculptors, 84 International Artists"
(Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2012)
Award of Excellence, Manhattan Arts International
International Showcase Winner, ArtSlant
Featured Artist, Utopic Studios
Honorable Mention, Contemporary Art Gallery

B.A., UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
M.F.A., Stanford University, Stanford, CA

The act of creating has long been a driving force in my life.  After designing and building my own home entirely by hand and creating a sustainable, organic life style in rural Massachusetts, I worked as a fine art photographer with shows in New York, Boston, and other East Coast cities.  I've also worked and exhibited as a cabinet maker, a stained-glass artisan, and a potter.  However, my primary career focus has been as a script writer and director of film and video.  My work has been recognized by over fifty national and international awards including honors from the New York International and Chicago International Film Festivals and inclusion in the Library of Congress CINE Collection.

Upon retiring, I began to channel my creative energies into sculpture.  Over the past few years, my work has appeared in over 30 shows and was featured in the book "Contemporary Sculptors."  

After many years as a scriptwriter and director, I began channeling my creative energies into my love of sculpture. In doing so, I drew from my own subconscious and my interest in the worlds of archetypes, myths, and rituals to create both abstract and figurative pieces. My figurative sculptures are not based on models, photographs, or actual persons. Instead, like my abstract work, they arise from memory, imagination, my inner world, and a spontaneous interaction with a variety of materials.

My primary materials are terra cotta and cement, although I frequently employ wood and various metals as well. The forms created from these materials are typically covered with a rich textual surface that is often aged or distressed to convey an emotion and a connection that transcend time and culture to bring artist and viewer into a shared inner space.

My work has been described as elegant, yet also earthy and powerful.  It is imbued with a mythic, numinous, and archetypal awareness that comes directly from my process of creation. My psychological and emotional state while I'm working are also strongly reflected in the sculptures. Some express a calm, almost beatific sensibility. Others display extreme disturbance and anguish. Generally, it is only upon completion of an individual sculpture, or often a series of sculptures, that I'm able to tease out the meaning and significance for me personally.

However, regardless of the emotional impact, I seek a connection with the viewer.  Whether figurative or abstract, my ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of knowing, of understanding.  I believe this feeling of déjà vu arises from both a collective unconscious and a mystical center we all share.